Saturday, September 28, 2013

Some recent things...

So last week, the guitarist of this band came into the store and we chatted it up for a while. Long story short, he ended up putting me on the guest list for the sold out show that night at the House of Blues. I went home, and looked them up online. I was pleasantly surprised by their music videos and the idea behind the band. I have found some of my favorite bands in similar ways in recent years, by happening upon a show to hear them for the first time, and totally loving it; Tune-yards, The Punch Brothers, Maps & Atlases. I will be adding Lord Huron to that list: 

In other news, we opened the second location of Green Fork in Metairie and it's going great (200 Metairie rd), I'm heading to NYC on Oct 12 for another The Walking Dead Escape event (sweet), and I ordered a Macbook yesterday (which means more frequent posting, yippee!) Here are some other thigs:

This is a nice base recipe. You can switch it up all sorts of ways; agave instead of maple syrup, grapeseed oil instead of olive, different nuts, seeds, etc. 

I've used Printic before, and was happy with the outcome. Has anyone tried Stickygrams? 

Photographer Laura Austin
Oh, my wandering heart. Iceland looks awesome.

 Having to go to work before the sun is up really makes you appreciate soft morning light