Sunday, July 28, 2013

Rollerskating bulls, Comic Con, zombie Stuff, cold-pressing, and MORE!

Running of the Bulls
In New Orleans, when we run with the bulls, the bulls are roller girls with horns on their helmets, and the running is a leisurely stroll whilst drinking an alcoholic beverage at eight o'clock in the morning. 

San Diego, California
I loved San Diego. SO MUCH. It was clean. The weather was amazing. Not everyone was walking around smoking cigarettes with a drink in their hands. I was able to find one juice bar called Vitality Tap, but other then that was a little disappointed in their lack of specialty health food. Perhaps I didn't have enough time to explore, but I saw a lot of fancy burger places and not a lot of cafes. 
Since I've gotten back, I've  run into a couple of people who have brought up Northern California and Oregon, and since I believe in the power of following coincidences, I will be going back to the West Coast as soon as possible. Or at least I want to. It was a nice reminder how amazing I am for trying (and mostly succeeding) to live a healthy lifestyle in New Orleans. Everywhere has their pro's and con's (say, not having to wait a bajillion hours at a cross walk for fear of getting a ticket for jay walking vs. flagrant murder and crime). Seeing how much I enjoy traveling, I don't think I'm ready to settle anywhere anytime soon. 

Adult Swim fun house and Melissa!
Comic Con was INSANE. I didn't expect to geek out as much as I did, but I did. And it was awesome. I was put in touch with Melissa and upon meeting we were instant BFF. She showed me around San Diego when I wasn't doing zombie stuff. It was a blast. Comic Con was a blast. I didn't realize I was such a nerd until I was in the convention center, pointing at everything and yelling, "Oh my god, did you see that? Look at that!"

Taking care of Zombies
The Walking Dead Escape 2013 in San Diego was a huge success. The AMC producers loved it. The participants loved it. The CEO of a big international entertainment company that I'm not sure if I am allowed to say is partnering with us loved it. It was exhausting, but all worth it. There are tons of videos of Youtube, a lot with me at the end! I'm so Youtube famous now! Anywho, this opportunity is huge, and I am excited for the possible chance of international travel soon! Yahee for Zombies!

Cold-Press juicer
We got a cold-press juicer at work. It's pretty sweet but takes a lot longer to make a juice. Uses less produce though, and the juice can sit longer without losing nutrients. Some people believe that cold-pressing is better then other forms of juicing because the "gentler" (see: longer) process doesn't break down the cell walls of the nutrients. Let me tell you; the thing still grinds up the food. The machine gets warm. Are you consuming the closest thing to pure vegetables and fruit possible? Yes? Well then you're doing it right. Doesn't matter the form, if you are juicing, you're doing it right. 

Okra, jalapeno, and mushrooms
I broke into my emergency store of Annie' Mac N cheese the other day, but pimped it out with some sauteed garlic, mushrooms, okra, and jalapeno. Even when I'm slumming it, gotta keep it classy, yo!

Kitten Hugs
I can't get over this one. She is the cutest. She just comes up and hugs and snuggles...everyone should have a cat. They are the greatest. 

Nathan at the Farmer's Market
Saturday morning Nathan and I went to Hollygrove Market and picked up a box and some other goodies. They box this week had fresh figs in it! They are yummy. I put them in a salad today (See below). We also went to Rivista, on multiple people's suggestions. Their pastries were awesome! I would skip the sit in brunch and just grab a bunch of bites to go. 

Sara at Sobou (emphasis on the BOOO)
We walked out. Because we sat for 15 minutes without any water. Apparently we weren't wearing enough makeup and heels to warrant table service. We went to Slyvain, and it was awesome (Their beef cheek is fantastic). I had the quail. YUM. Then we went to Mod Dance Party at Saturn bar. Apparently we are old farts and went home at 12:30. Whoooo! Party!

Today's Salad
Greens, raw zucchini, figs, grated farm cheddar, dehydrated blueberries and grapes, cashews, chia seeds, sunflower oil, grapeseed oil, dill, flax oil. YUM. 

Alright, the grain of the week is millet. It smelled a bit like popcorn after slightly browning it and then adding it to boiling water. The flavor is a bit bland, but it is high in iron, and will do well once mixed will all sorts of other stuff. 

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

This past week looked like...

I toasted some gluten free bread, spread on my homemade hummus and pesto, tomato slices, grapeseed oil and soft boiled egg. BestthingeverYUUUUUMMMMM!

Random Salad
So I actually don't remember the specifics of this salad, but it's basically the same recipe I've been using:

1 bed of greens
1 cup of roasted veggies
handful of nuts and seeds (sunflower, pecans)
handful of feta (feta cheese is the best cheese for you, health wise, I've been told)
champagne grapes (or whatever fruit you have)
crumbled up dehydrated Kale
Chia seeds

And the dressing I made with my mortar and pestle by mashing herbs and garlic and adding grapeseed oil. Basically the healthiest thing ever. 

Pearl's nap time
I've been spending a lot of time with this little one. She is pretty precious. She doesn't take very regular or long naps, especially around mama (cause she just wants to feed), so when I have the time to get over there, we like to nap together. It's a pretty special half an hour. It's funny, because with your first child (or for me, my Rosie), you feel like, "How can I long another as much as I love her? Do I have room in my heart? Is there enough love? Surely there's not." Rosie is the light of my life. And that hasn't diminished, yet there's all this new love and room for little Poppy! It's a pretty amazing phenomenon, if you get the chance to experience.

Gong (((BONNNGG)))
I got to a Kundalini class! I've you've never experience this type of yoga, I suggest you try it ASAP! Divine Yoga is a great space, with wonderful teachers and people that hang out there in general. Very good vibes, good message, and good feelings. 

Reading now
Where did my drive for reading go? I used to read three books at a time. Three! Now, I don't know the last book I read. *Sigh* My lovey Jackie Bird suggested this book to me. It's slow getting into, but I trust her opinion to the end of the cliff, so I know I just need to get my head into it and it will be amazing. Any other book suggestions?

Whole Hog Cafe
I helped my lovely friend Sara with some food research for an article she is writing on BBQ. We went to the Whole Hog Cafe and was sadly not impressed :( They did have an impressive selection of sauces to choose from, but even that was overwhelming. I know that The Joint is amazing, but I was hoping there were more hidden gems in the city. Are there? Do you know? Tell me your secrets.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The past couple of weeks have looked like...

Feeling fancy 
Delicious salads; shaved squash, quinoa, goat cheese, figs, cantaloupe, flax seeds over a bed of baby spinach. I made the dressing by putting herbs, oils, and cantaloupes in food processor. A bit messy. 

Absolute love bliss
The love of my life passed through New Orleans on his way to a new job and life in Panama. I wasn't prepared (but wasn't surprised) for the onslaught of feelings and emotions his coming brought. We hadn't seen each other in a while, and especially not since I got sober.

The minute I saw him I was filled with a peaceful calm, a safe and secure feeling of being home. We dove head first into the weekend and had such a great time. The outpouring of genuine love and affection I have for this man is overwhelming.

When we went our separate ways about three years ago I was in a very unstable place. I doubted our relationship, stemming from doubting myself (which is expected from being 23 years old). I couldn't shake this feeling that I would resent our relationship because of the different levels of life experience from our age difference (about 20 years), and got it stuck in my head that I was supposed to be with someone my own age.

I've spent the last three years in extreme up's and down's, working on figuring out what makes me happy, by myself, but also searching for love in all sorts of places. I think this experience was necessary, albeit painful. I still have a long way to go. I feel like a have received an amazing gift from the universe; feeling and experiencing the exchange of love we have for each other in these past few days made me realize that the love I have been searching for was there all along, being patient (I hope) and kind and supportive.

I am not going to take this gift for granted or overlook the significance of our relationship. A week later, I do feel like I'm in the downswing of a drug binge (love drug). Jonathan went on to Panama, where he is starting an amazing job in a beautiful environment that has some amazing potential. I need to stay focused with the progress and drive my own life is taking, if not for the sake of honing a career for myself for future security, but also to become the best, healthiest, and most stable person I can be for the sake of our future relationship.

It is obviously very easy for me to fall into a depression right now, focusing on the negatives and tribulations, obsessing and wrapping myself in day dreams. I feel it trying to creep up on me. And that's why I need to make that much more of an effort to stay focuses and really do the healthy things I know will keep my life moving forward. And make it so that Jonathan and I can be together again. I think that's a pretty nice goal.

Okay, on to less serious things.

Back patio at Dominique's
Jonathan and I love food and I was super excited to share all sorts of meals with him. We went to the recently opened Dominique's on Magazine and had a super entertaining meal. I wasn't too impressed with the first two dishes (the ceviche was very "deconstructed" but not in a good way), but the beef coulette knocked it outta the park. We were laughing so hard about our waiter, who seemed to have separation anxiety and announced that, "I'll see you soon", every. single. time. he left the table. My favorite part was when he brought the check, he placed freshly spun green apple cotton candy on a stick of sugar cane in the middle of the table! It was beautiful! 

Because I worked in service industry, I am very critical of service (I don't meant to be, I just notice things now). I took Jonathan across the street to La Petite Grocery for dessert. I've had one of the best meals in my life here, and the service is impeccable. We had the butterscotch pudding by suggestion and I will definitely be coming back just for that. It was also nice to be able to order a non-alcoholic cocktail of the bartender's choice and not receive orange juice and Grenadian. Thank you, La Petite Grocery bartender, for being fabulous. 

Seasoning my mortar and pestle
Whooo! I ordered a heavy granite mortar and pestle online and was so happy when I got it. I've made pesto and guacamole so far, and am super excited to make salad dressings and whatever else you  make using a granite mortar and pestle (ideas?)

I made Jonathan and I some yummy meals while he was here. He is such a sweetheart, and loves my cooking. I oven roasted some okra (so easy and delicious, will be doing this again soon), and "blackened" some fish from the farmer's market in the cast iron skillet. Very simple and delicious.

Espresso treat from Sucre
I've been spending a lot of free time with my cousin and her little ones, lending a hand and enjoying quality family time. I have to remind myself constantly to count my blessings and remember the positive things in life, and boy, is it a blessing to have family close to you. This is a picture from one of our Friday treat days.

Reyn Yoga Studio
I decided I needed to get my butt in gear and start up my yoga practice again, if not for physical health, but mental health. I went to Reyn's studio this afternoon (because it is beautiful and she is the super cutest thing in the world) and got my butt handed to me. Jenn is a wonderful teacher and I am so out of shape. Or let me rephrase that, I am so dehydrated! I am not a big water drinker in general, but in the summer in New Orleans, you gotta do it. I had to sit down and take it easy for most of the class because I was sweating bullets and getting dizzy. Good lord, I dunno how these ladies do it every day. But I know I gotta make time for it and stick with it, it's really important.

#FarrOut app
And to finish up, here is some silliness. I love Instagram. Follow KRISTINFARR for some fun and funky art.

Goals for the immediate future: Get my drivers license, drink more water, take some cooking classes (specifically ones that involve fish catching and preparation), do more yoga, and meditate! Let's do this!