Saturday, May 25, 2013

Words from the Dalai Lama

I've always wanted a piece of jewelry that I would wear every day, have forever, and that meant something special to me. I have a couple of pieces, from over the years, that fit one or two of the criteria; cross from baptism, earrings from making my first communion, necklace from graduating, etc. However, nothing that I felt comfortable wearing day to day. Actually, most of those items are in safe keeping at my parent's house on Long Island.

I've had some jewelry that had those intentions, but alas, from daily wear either broke or became lost.

For Christmas this past year, my mother gave me a Kara bracelet. I asked for this gift, and didn't totally expect to receive it. I was pleasantly surprised and have since worn the bracelet every day. It never leaves my arm, fitting snug against my sobriety tattoo (it's a picture of a hurricane Doppler radar, 'Hurricane Rachel', heh). The inscription on the bracelet reads, "Guru Guru Wahe Guru, Guru Ram Das Guru" which translates to "Wise, wise is the one who serves infinity";
This mantra projects the mind to infinity, then allows a finite guiding relationship to come into your practical activities. The first part projects the mind to the source of knowledge and ecstasy. The second part means “the wisdom that comes as a servant of the Infinite. It is the mantra of humility. It reconnects the experience of infinity to the finite by the Grace of Guru Ram Das. It opens the Fourth Chakra, the Heart Center, and allows you to feel and effortlessly radiate universal love
I reflected on these words, as I do every now and then since receiving this beautiful gift, in the moments before the Dalai Lama spoke at the UNO lake front on May 18, 2013.

The following is a transcription (and slight extrapolation) of The Dalai Lama's talk:

[Please sit down]. So formal. I am fed up with ceremony. Formality is a distance [between you and me]. I like straightforwardness. We all have the same emotions. We are the same, as just one human being.

The concepts of "we" and "they" are a dividing basis of violence and war. Unless we all share each other's problems and common interest, we will have more problems. Real world peace is created by ourselves, a peace through action and effort, not just prayer.

There should be a helpful spirit, a oneness of human being, from a central peace within. We need a sense of concern for other's well being. Peace means not just lack of violence, but more compassion. A compassionate heart brings inner peace and peace of mind. A peaceful mind is essential for health, a peaceful mind is important to utilize human intelligence properly. A calm mind is very important to health. Inner respect for yourself and for others brings a balanced body. Concern for others balanced with care for ourselves. If we spread inner peace, it will eventually bring peace to the planet. That is our reality  

Fear stops us from being able to use reality. Fear brings anger, anger brings hatred, and both will eat our insides. The basis of fear and distrust needs to be reduced. Intelligence and will power from the heart are our realistic methods. The non violent method is very very important. It is realistic. A decrease in anger and violence-- that is real gun control.

Educating with compassion is biological positivity. Love and compassion is so important; they are honest and truthful. Trust brings friendship, a biological factor of cooperation. Cooperation is the basis of building a happy society. And it all starts with the individual peaceful mental attitude.

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