Tuesday, February 26, 2013

'Let's see what I can make for dinner with the contents of my fridge' No. 1

I have this talent, NAY, a skill, in which I can make something decent to eat out of whatever is laying around in the Frigidaire. I'd like to think I inherited this skill from my father, the microwave king.

So, if you're like me, and I hope you are (wink), the last thing you want to do when you get home from a long day of work is make dinner. And if you are like me, you really shouldn't go out to eat AGAIN, and you live alone, and cooking for yourself just sucks. So you end up eating crackers and hummus and fancy chocolate bars from Whole Foods. You go, girl.

Come on, you're not in college anymore (gaa)! Let's get creative.

I hate wasting food and will let things go as far as possible, so this is also a great opportunity to throw some things out that are turning into science experiments. My rule of thumb is if my cats won't eat it, I shouldn't either.

Alright, so I had some eggs and some bread..hmm..french toast! Yes! But that's boring so let's see what else is in here...oh pesto! Now we're getting fancy.              

I had some dried rosemary and sage from my garden so I crumbled a bunch of that in there as well. For four pieces of bread, I used 3 eggs. Use a fork to scramble that mother up good, and add from milk for good measure (if you don't have milk you can use water!). Make sure you yell at your cats 5 billion times to get off the freaking counter. 

I put two slices of bread in there at a time, slapped em around a bit to get them good and soggy and let them sit while I went to the stove. If you are like me, then you have a tiny tiny stove in which the largest burner doesn't work so your pans all get burnt in the middle. 

I turned the heat onto medium (which doesn't matter cause everything will burn) and grabbed some coconut 'rl. That's what we call 'oil' down hurr; 'rl. Yeah, you gotta hear it to get it....ANYway, I like to use coconut 'rl over extra virgin because it is less greasy in the long run. Get yo pan nice and hot and throw your toast in. While those two are cooking, get your other two a-soakin'. 

It should only take a couple minutes on each side to brown the toast. Close your eyes as the warm smells of rosemary and sage hug you, and imagine you're making something a lot fancier then French Toast. Then open your eyes quick cause something is burning oh my god. 

I was pretty happy with the savory flavor the herbs added to the toast, but it was missing something. If you're  like me, you don't have any maple syrup in your fridge. But you do have creole tomato garlic pepper jelly! They sell this stuff at the Crescent City Farmers Market. She has TONS of different flavors and the multiple ones I've tried have been fan-tas-tic. 

If you're like me, your apartment is tiny, so turn around and sit on your couch/dining room table and enjoy your fake dinner. Don't forget to tell your cats to get their heads out of the dirty dishes so help you god I'm gonna kill you. 

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