Thursday, February 28, 2013

A couple of things...

1. Boy and I have taken to going to breakfast together about once a week, walking through the Bywater, instead of taking our bikes. It's a great opportunity to closely observe the neighborhood and inspect things that are just a blur in passing on a bicycle. It's amazing how many boarded up properties and empty lots there are hidden among the spruced up shot-guns and camel-backs. We like to dream out loud about the possibilities and histories of the spaces...sigh

2. Back at the studio, Boy had an old spirograph laying out. I got a little creative:

I could draw some of those on top of old found images, throw that shit up on Etsy and call myself an artist. BOOM!

3. The new issue of Lucky Peach is out! I'll share any interesting tid-bits will y'all as soon as I crack it open. I'm excited to read the piece by Michael Pollan and something called "Cooking For Zombies".

4. Speaking of Zombies, have you heard of The Walking Dead Escape? I like a good zombie as much as the next person, but have yet to watch any episodes (someone let me watch their cable!). Pssst; I have it under good information that The Walking Dead Escape will be coming to New Orleans sometime in the near future...weee! Zombies for everybody!

5. After almost two and a half years of living in one of the best places to eat oysters, I FINALLY ate at Casamento's. I've always heard it was the best place to get oysters, and I may have to agree with that statement. Look for a future blog post about my love affair with raw oysters (heaven).


Happy Thursday!

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