Sunday, February 24, 2013

Productivity for Lazy People

Because we didn't make it out of the warehouse for Mod Dance Party Saturday evening, I was determined to make the most of my day off today. Forgoing bicycles for feets, we strolled through the neighborhood in the lovely it's-almost-kinda-Spring-in-February weather and walked right past our normal breakfast spot, Satsuma cafe, to check out the menu at Booty's. I think Booty's is relatively new to the Bywater.

Let me tell you about Booty's; Simple and airy decor. Stumptown coffee done very well. Cheeky items written in script chalk style on the walls. A cocktail made with "unicorn syrup".  Art installation in the unisex (transgender, queer..uhh..the picture was half "man" half "girl", yeah?) bathrooms, which wow, you just need to check them out. I announced to no one that I felt like I was in Portland a number of times before my breakfast partner reminded me that I've never been to Portland (doh!). The menu format was interesting, including old ticket stubs and maps from Spain or France or wherever behind the food items on the old school clip board. I ordered a tamarind soda (since I don't drink alcohol I must and will order every interesting non-alcoholic beverage I encounter) and admired the interesting light bulbs hanging naked from the ceiling.

I choose the poached eggs with pork belly and hollandaise sauce on a corn fritter type vessel. My partner choose the Belgium waffles with fruit and a side of scrambled eggs, and we shared the Belgium fresh fry cone basket thing. Every thing was above par; Waffles melted in my mouth. Scrambled eggs looked like real scrambled eggs and not that weird yellow rubbery stuff you get some places. The hollandaise sauce was light! The only complaint was that my corn fitter thing was too hard, and not in the stale, cooked too long way. I believe it was intentionally crisp, but I think the dish could have used a fluffy egg yolk soaking mechanism.Over all, I will be quick to try out their lunch and dinner menu. It was the perfect balance between simplicity and pretentiousness that I love.

Around the corner we scored some yard sale items; a sweet camera that is in the process of getting cleaned to test for workability, a mirrored gentleman's shaving caddy, and a printed sheet set that would be on sale at Urban Outfitters for like 30 smackeroo's or more (all that plus a bunch of things for my sweetheart for 20 bucks!). I know what you're thinking, "Ew, who buys used bedding?" I DO. Girl, I'm sure you've passed out multiple Saturday nights on nastier. I've gotten awesome textiles from thrift stores, yard sales, what have you. Unless there are unignorable (yes, I often make up words; it's fun and creative) stains that bring up horrifying images, throw those puppies in the washer, bada-bing bada-boom.

I stopped at a couple of places (Bon Castor, Peaches Records) searching for Lucky Peach magazine on my way uptown. If you are a food enthusiast, enjoy off-color magazines, and appreciate attractive heavy stock paper, check out Lucky Peach asap. Their newest quarterly issue should be arriving at the Garden District Book Shop any day now (which is where I finally found back editions).

Some other tidbits_____

_____Have you tired out the Vine app yet? Find me on it...I can't decide yet if it's cool or completely obnoxious.
_____I found the two point army hat I am wearing in my 'About Me' photo today at the junk shop. The name tag on the inside says "Clifford". Awesome.
_____This is my first "blog post". I've got some other ideas for posts; views on coffee shops, yoga studios, recipes, movies, books, life, and New Orleans etc. I hope you'll enjoy this relationship as much as me, *wink* I'll apologize now for not making sense, being too self deprecating, contradictory, or dull.

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