Thursday, July 11, 2013

This past week looked like...

I toasted some gluten free bread, spread on my homemade hummus and pesto, tomato slices, grapeseed oil and soft boiled egg. BestthingeverYUUUUUMMMMM!

Random Salad
So I actually don't remember the specifics of this salad, but it's basically the same recipe I've been using:

1 bed of greens
1 cup of roasted veggies
handful of nuts and seeds (sunflower, pecans)
handful of feta (feta cheese is the best cheese for you, health wise, I've been told)
champagne grapes (or whatever fruit you have)
crumbled up dehydrated Kale
Chia seeds

And the dressing I made with my mortar and pestle by mashing herbs and garlic and adding grapeseed oil. Basically the healthiest thing ever. 

Pearl's nap time
I've been spending a lot of time with this little one. She is pretty precious. She doesn't take very regular or long naps, especially around mama (cause she just wants to feed), so when I have the time to get over there, we like to nap together. It's a pretty special half an hour. It's funny, because with your first child (or for me, my Rosie), you feel like, "How can I long another as much as I love her? Do I have room in my heart? Is there enough love? Surely there's not." Rosie is the light of my life. And that hasn't diminished, yet there's all this new love and room for little Poppy! It's a pretty amazing phenomenon, if you get the chance to experience.

Gong (((BONNNGG)))
I got to a Kundalini class! I've you've never experience this type of yoga, I suggest you try it ASAP! Divine Yoga is a great space, with wonderful teachers and people that hang out there in general. Very good vibes, good message, and good feelings. 

Reading now
Where did my drive for reading go? I used to read three books at a time. Three! Now, I don't know the last book I read. *Sigh* My lovey Jackie Bird suggested this book to me. It's slow getting into, but I trust her opinion to the end of the cliff, so I know I just need to get my head into it and it will be amazing. Any other book suggestions?

Whole Hog Cafe
I helped my lovely friend Sara with some food research for an article she is writing on BBQ. We went to the Whole Hog Cafe and was sadly not impressed :( They did have an impressive selection of sauces to choose from, but even that was overwhelming. I know that The Joint is amazing, but I was hoping there were more hidden gems in the city. Are there? Do you know? Tell me your secrets.

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