Sunday, July 28, 2013

Rollerskating bulls, Comic Con, zombie Stuff, cold-pressing, and MORE!

Running of the Bulls
In New Orleans, when we run with the bulls, the bulls are roller girls with horns on their helmets, and the running is a leisurely stroll whilst drinking an alcoholic beverage at eight o'clock in the morning. 

San Diego, California
I loved San Diego. SO MUCH. It was clean. The weather was amazing. Not everyone was walking around smoking cigarettes with a drink in their hands. I was able to find one juice bar called Vitality Tap, but other then that was a little disappointed in their lack of specialty health food. Perhaps I didn't have enough time to explore, but I saw a lot of fancy burger places and not a lot of cafes. 
Since I've gotten back, I've  run into a couple of people who have brought up Northern California and Oregon, and since I believe in the power of following coincidences, I will be going back to the West Coast as soon as possible. Or at least I want to. It was a nice reminder how amazing I am for trying (and mostly succeeding) to live a healthy lifestyle in New Orleans. Everywhere has their pro's and con's (say, not having to wait a bajillion hours at a cross walk for fear of getting a ticket for jay walking vs. flagrant murder and crime). Seeing how much I enjoy traveling, I don't think I'm ready to settle anywhere anytime soon. 

Adult Swim fun house and Melissa!
Comic Con was INSANE. I didn't expect to geek out as much as I did, but I did. And it was awesome. I was put in touch with Melissa and upon meeting we were instant BFF. She showed me around San Diego when I wasn't doing zombie stuff. It was a blast. Comic Con was a blast. I didn't realize I was such a nerd until I was in the convention center, pointing at everything and yelling, "Oh my god, did you see that? Look at that!"

Taking care of Zombies
The Walking Dead Escape 2013 in San Diego was a huge success. The AMC producers loved it. The participants loved it. The CEO of a big international entertainment company that I'm not sure if I am allowed to say is partnering with us loved it. It was exhausting, but all worth it. There are tons of videos of Youtube, a lot with me at the end! I'm so Youtube famous now! Anywho, this opportunity is huge, and I am excited for the possible chance of international travel soon! Yahee for Zombies!

Cold-Press juicer
We got a cold-press juicer at work. It's pretty sweet but takes a lot longer to make a juice. Uses less produce though, and the juice can sit longer without losing nutrients. Some people believe that cold-pressing is better then other forms of juicing because the "gentler" (see: longer) process doesn't break down the cell walls of the nutrients. Let me tell you; the thing still grinds up the food. The machine gets warm. Are you consuming the closest thing to pure vegetables and fruit possible? Yes? Well then you're doing it right. Doesn't matter the form, if you are juicing, you're doing it right. 

Okra, jalapeno, and mushrooms
I broke into my emergency store of Annie' Mac N cheese the other day, but pimped it out with some sauteed garlic, mushrooms, okra, and jalapeno. Even when I'm slumming it, gotta keep it classy, yo!

Kitten Hugs
I can't get over this one. She is the cutest. She just comes up and hugs and snuggles...everyone should have a cat. They are the greatest. 

Nathan at the Farmer's Market
Saturday morning Nathan and I went to Hollygrove Market and picked up a box and some other goodies. They box this week had fresh figs in it! They are yummy. I put them in a salad today (See below). We also went to Rivista, on multiple people's suggestions. Their pastries were awesome! I would skip the sit in brunch and just grab a bunch of bites to go. 

Sara at Sobou (emphasis on the BOOO)
We walked out. Because we sat for 15 minutes without any water. Apparently we weren't wearing enough makeup and heels to warrant table service. We went to Slyvain, and it was awesome (Their beef cheek is fantastic). I had the quail. YUM. Then we went to Mod Dance Party at Saturn bar. Apparently we are old farts and went home at 12:30. Whoooo! Party!

Today's Salad
Greens, raw zucchini, figs, grated farm cheddar, dehydrated blueberries and grapes, cashews, chia seeds, sunflower oil, grapeseed oil, dill, flax oil. YUM. 

Alright, the grain of the week is millet. It smelled a bit like popcorn after slightly browning it and then adding it to boiling water. The flavor is a bit bland, but it is high in iron, and will do well once mixed will all sorts of other stuff. 

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