Friday, March 1, 2013

Sensory Overload


Scott Listfield has some awesome paintings about this astronaut wandering about a future world. He also has photographs of his plastic dinosaur that he takes traveling with him. 

I love Diane Daeun Han for this. More then she will ever know. (The fish taco is pretty awsome as well).


To this

And this. (LaBlogotheque's whole "A Take Away Show" series is pretty great. I'd suggest taking some time discovering new artists through them.


I make my travel plans based solely on pastries . Seriously? A hard boiled egg inside a muffin. SERIOUSLY?!

I never used to like scones. Now I'm all like, "Rachel, you are cray cray!"


Oh hey, someone did embroidery of my boyfriend. These would make fantastic presents.

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