Thursday, March 7, 2013

Unwanted Critters

I've been dealing with a bug infestation in my apartment and haven't been in the best mood about it. The place is so small and all I do is clean...sigh..

I thought I had gotten rid of the little critters, all while feeling horrible because my cats got sick from the topical flea killer I used on them. But alas, there they still are. It's not horrible. But for someone with a bit of cleanliness OCD....UGHH!

I was trying to find some natural tonight I tried mixing some garlic into their cat food and am brewing some rosemary in hot water (apparently fleas don't like the smell of rosemary?) My neighbors told me nothing short of moving helped them. So needless to say I'm not feeling very encouraged.

Have you ever dealt with this problem? Anything work for you? Help?

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