Sunday, March 31, 2013

What the past week looked like

The weather in New Orleans is getting perty purrrrfect right about now. Let's all enjoy it as much as possible before it's impossible to live outside the 5 ft radius of an air conditioner. 

1. Cafe Reconcile reopened! I was never there before, but glad I've been now. Holy bajeebus-- a delicious plate of southern cooking for 13$? Yes please. It is a rare occasion that I am off of work when they are open, but this is the best lunch deal in town. AND it's also around the corner from my house on OC Haley Blvd (yeah!). 

fried catfish with crawfish etouffee, smothered okra and collard greens
2. Velvet Cafe opened a second location, also on OC Haley. It's bigger then their other store and has a piano! I'm itching to play that baby...

My friend Matthew has a beautiful soul
Velvet Cafe is on the left corner...

3. Oh, hey, pan to the right a bit...

As much as I am excited about all the new happenings on OC Haley, I equally can find enough to lament about in terms of dead spaces. I was pondering in my head what this building could become and then was recently told it is becoming a Trader Joe's! Alright, now let's talk about what we can do to help all the homeless people that congregate in the area near the mission...

4. I spent some time at the playground this week with my buddy Tibo. I always find myself corralled by multiple children, and I think I really need to become a teacher.

5. This one warms my heart and soul. I love her to the moon and back 

6. I created a new drink at work; Wheat grass, lemon, and cucumber. It's super light a refreshing. We gotta get a wheat grass juicer

I also have to think of something delicious for these babies. We got a ton of delicious and beautiful produce from Inglewood Farm. They are da best.
Ormagawd kumquats.
7. Aaaaaaannnd today was Easter Sunday. I went to this little church in the Marigny with my friend/neighbor Nathan and his family visiting from out of town. Nathan recently started singing in the choir and he is awesome. The end. 

I hit up the Chris Owen's Easter Parade on the way back uptown (of course there is a parade, this is New Orleans). So this is my Easter "Basket", heh heh heh. 

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