Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 4 & 5; oysters are local!

Yes they are! And only .25$ an oyster at The Blind Pelican on St. Charles during happy hour. I ate three dozen. 

I also battered and fried squash blossoms and string beans! I used rice flour from Cajun Grain (we carry it at The Green Fork). I also made a big batch of rice to have in the fridge and steamed some spinach. 

I woke up earlier then normal and made some eggs sunny side up. Then starred at them, trying to think how one eats sunny side up eggs without any bready vessel. I ended up eating the yolk part whole, in one big bite (sorry for that mental image). I will never do that again for fear I will never want to eat an egg ever again. 

I made a quick salad to bring to work; I used the local salad from The Green Fork as a base and added strawberries, string beans and peaches. I was super content all day, having some carrot beet cucumber juice (Inglewood Farm) as a snack too. 

*I'm having refrigerator issues, so bare with me ("Bear? Where? I don't see a bear with you!" Heheheheh)

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