Monday, June 3, 2013

ELC Day 2 & 3 • Spinach Omelette [recipe]

Sunday morning I woke up and made a banging omelette;

Banging Spinach Omelette

3 eggs (Crescent City Farmers Market)
1/2 cup milk (Hollygrove)
Handful of Spinach (Hg)
Cheddar (Hg)
Rosemary (My Garden)
Pecan Oil (Inglewood)

Beat the eggs with milk till fluffy, throw in the spinach, grate the cheddar, throw in the rosemary and salt. Pour it all into pan over medium high with about 2 tablespoons oil. Lift the edges of the omelette up to allow excess liquid to cook. Flip one side onto the other half when solid. Cook until brownish.

Guess what? Crystal is local! Pour a bunch of that on top and enjoy! I rounded my breakfast off with leftover zucchini scramble and sliced steak from the night before. I also have been drinking glasses of milk. I never drink glasses of milk. I can definitely feel a difference from the influx of dairy in my diet.

I also went back to Cleaver & Co. I had to! My friends wanted to check it out...and I'm obsessed. I bought a rib eye (vacuum packed to last longer) and some fried pig skin (they sold out of cracklins!) I'll try to resist another visit until I eat the meat already in my fridge.

I snacked on blueberries and a peach throughout the day, and ate the rest of my omelette for dinnerish...this is what I was afraid of. I get bored. I called La Divina to see what their local gelato or food dish was, but they didn't have anything on the menu yet. I wasn't starving, but really wanted ice cream! That's what being an adult means, right? Being able to have ice cream for dinner if you want?

I decided to go to Rouse's to check out their local selections. There was a vegetable stand when you first entered with cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, etc. Most things I've already got at the farmer's market. I walked up and down the aisles, keeping my eyes peeled for their "Eat Local" signs. A lot of items in the store were labeled "Local" that I am not necessarily adhering to for the long term of the challenge. They are considering New Orleans brands to be local, like Zatarains and coffee brewed in New Orleans.

Being "Ultra-Strict", I am trying to limit my purchases to items that are grown within the radius, and produced with ingredients ONLY in the radius. This isn't necessarily hard, but it's boring. For the sake of research and not going crazy, I got some Abita root beer, Zapp's potato chips, and Kleinpeter's ice cream. I will not be making a habit of this (since I don't usually keep these things in my house anyway).

Day 3

Well, I certainly learned an important lesson today. Eat breakfast. Eat a big breakfast. Eat a WHOLE LOT of breakfast. I got to work at 7 am, and was going going going. Usually I am able to try this or that, drink the last of that smoothie, taste this juice. Wow, did that take some will power. I did drink a juice we made from local veggies from Inglewood farms, and my boss had me try the stuffing for our local acorn squash dish. I also brought some yogurt with strawberries with me, and I poured some of the juice into that. But that is significantly less food then I normally consume during a work day. And I got grumpy. If you know me, I'm not grumpy, especially at work.

I'm sorry yogurt, but you're just not that interesting without granola and stuff

Things I learned:

1. I eat a lot, all the time. Not being able to eat anything at anytime is making me see how much I do it on a regular basis. Fatty over hurr!

2. Dairy isn't the best for me. I'm feeling congested and flemmy from all the milk I've been drinking. Ew. (sorry for that).

3. If I keep eating this amount of dairy and meat, I gots to go to the gym. There is a lot of extra protein in my diet, and while I don't necessarily feel heavy (I actually feel like I've lost weight), I do think I need to do something with it.

I'm sure there was something else, but I'm having a hard time thinking cause I'M HUNGRY! I'm gonna head home and eat my delicious local meals from The Green Fork ! ;) wink wink. I'll be posting pictures throughout the week on our Facebook page, so check it out!

I may go try a local dish from one of the restaurants participating (hey, I'm really hungry)...has anyone had anything particularly super delicious yet? 

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