Monday, June 10, 2013

Flat tubes, Good Eggs, Chicken.

This weekend was pretty awesome and frustrating (separately, but sometimes together). I got some amazing produce from the crescent city farmer's market; I seriously don't think I ever had a better tasting melon in my life. It's amazing. It was from the cute farm boys that setup their truck in the back corner.

I scored some kombucha at the Locavore market, and the most amazing blackberries from Berry Hill Farm. I am definitely making a note of them. They should get on Good Eggs. Speaking of, the Good Eggs launch party is this Wednesday, and I am going to rep The Green Fork. I am super excited about Good Eggs. Their website is gorgeous; I personally used the service to order my Hollygrove box, but will also be utilizing the platform at work! I've had a hand at inventory and produce ordering (I've heard this bad ass job described as 'The Forager' at a super fresh and local restaurant group), and am excited to use this tool from the perspective of a supplier and consumer.

Go figure I get a flat tire on the night before the Urban Farm Bike Tour. I got stuck out from of the Louis Armstrong park sign on Rampart. Then it started raining. Then there were ducks. Yeah it was weird. By the time I got it home and patched up I was still back and forth on if the ride was gonna happen because of bad weather.

Fast forward, next morning. After a brief interlude with a rain storm, the tour started and I was having a great time. Sun is shining, riding my bike, oh hey cute dude! Yeah, lets talk about bikes whoo. Oh. damnit.

Not my feet

This time I got to try changing the tire in a puddle of mud. I was assisted by some of the tech guys but the three of us were slightly less clueless then the other. I can't say if I came out of it any better or worse then when we started. As the group rode off, I headed to Gerkins, purchased some tools and a new tube, and change the darn tire myself.

I didn't let the weird bumping in the new inflated tire or the fact that my gears weren't attached correctly stop me from enjoying my day off. I headed over to my friend Zach's shotgun/garden off Poland Ave. He wasn't there yet so I attempted to trouble shoot my bike some more to no avail. Zach was busy showing a little girl from the neighborhood the sprouts growing from the seeds they had planted together. There were radish, watermelon, okra. We lamented over the caterpillars eating his tomatoes and my everything (who knew caterpillars like succulents?) We were attacked by flies while trying to eat some food; what is up with the flies? What works?  That penny in a water of water trick?

I thought the bike tube was holding air well enough to get me over to my Joseph's garden off the railroad tracks and ended up picking a bunch of beautiful carrots from his raised beds (also some strawberries, mint, and peppers).

As I rode home as fast as I could, watching the air slowly leave my back tire, but determined to get home before I had to take the freaking wheel off again, I thought of how nice it was, that I continued on my own little garden tour. That these kinds of places exist, a lot of the times where one wouldn't think. I have some big thoughts and feelings on urban gardening, that could be it's own blog post at another times.

Alas, I had to give up as I hit Canal, but still determined to get home, ended up running along side my bike all the way home. I figure I was eating a big more protein in my diet then usual, might as well put it to use.

I got home, cooked the awesome chicken I got from Cleaver & Co., roasted some sweet potato with the carrots I pulled, and made a pico tomato corn type salad. I had a great time at the Hog Butchering class. I have a ton of pictures I'm too tired to put up now but If you follow me on Instagram, you get most of it (and then some). I am currently simmering some bomb ass pimped out red beans on the stove. I'll tell you how they came out.


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