Saturday, June 1, 2013

Zucchini Potato Hash • [recipe]

Today was rough. I almost felt in a daze all day. I made a salsa (recipe later) to bring to Nikki's birthday party. I was really low energy. I was hoping that I would consume more water, since its one of my only liquids option, but I just didn't drink anything at all, which isn't good for mah bod. 

I went to Cleaver & Co. this afternoon. I'm afraid this might be my new favorite place. I'm really afraid what the influx in meat consumption is gonna do to me. Because I want to eat it all. And the guys there are so friendly! I ended up riding home with short rib pastrami, beef shoulder, and summer sausage. I promised I'd be backing for cracklin (omgitssoamazing)

I snacked on local cheese wrapped in pastrami. I let my tea steep, made from herbs from Divine Garden (OC Haley). I made latkes and then threw some beef shoulder on the charcoal grill (as my neighbors grilled Brie, gaaaa be strong be strong).

I finished everything off with a large glass of whole milk from Hollygrove and am quite content and full. Now if only I could get the snacky monster to stop whispering about chocolate and goodies in my ear. Hmm...maybe someone will go to La Divina to get gelato with me...

Zucchini Potatoe Hash

1 zucchini (Hollygrove)
1 potatoe (Hg)
1 onion (Hg)
1/2 cup pecans (Inglewood)
Rosemary (My Garden*)
1 egg - lightly beaten (Cresecent City Farmers Market)
Pecan Oil (Iw)

Coarsly grate zucchini, potatoe, and onion on a box grater or in a food processor. Put mixture in mesh strainer and squeeze out moisture. 

Finely grate pecans with rosemary in food processor. Add to veg mixture in a bowl with egg. 

Heat oil in skittle and brown mixture. Season with salt

* I live in the middle of the city, in an apartment complex with a court yard. "My Garden" refers to the potted herbs and veggies I grow. Ill do a future post about urban gardening.

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  1. I hear ya! Sometimes I feel like I want to gnaw on my fingers because I can't snack on much at work. Pecans and blueberries are my go to snacks because they're easy to just throw in a ziploc or keep around the office.