Sunday, June 9, 2013

ELC Day 9; Good Morning!

Local dish at Pizza Delicious 

Grilled Veggies; sweet potatoes, zucchini, carrots with rosemary and leeks. Chop everything up, toss in pecan oil, and throw on charcoals covered with tin foil. Let some stick to the bottom to get nice and charred. After half an hour, throw some butter in there. It tastes like candy.

Sauteed spinach with feta cheese, Cajun Grain rice, and chuck eye from Cleaver topped with butter and basil pecan pesto (in a food processor; cheese, basil, pecans, oil, salt).

Millions of peaces; at Crescent City Farmer's Market. Get there early on Saturdays to get the best produce. We bought a bunch of things for The Green Fork while there, super excited!

I got a melon from the market! And my cherry tomatoes are delicious! I had to pull up my other large tomato plants because the caterpillars had destroyed them and it was depressing to look at. But I planted some basil starts, and sprinkled them with Neem oil. Hopefully they were live. I also was given a Loofa plant from a friend and planted my Stevia from Inglewood Farm. 

Breakfast before the Urban Farm Bike Tour; blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries in local yogurt with raw honey and kombucha found at the Locavore Market yesterday (and my air plant getting a bath)! The kombucha is like liquid gold; I should have gotten more, or her name and number, but I felt bad harassing the  largely pregnant woman as she set up her table. If anyone knows of more kombucha, please let me know!

So things are going a lot better. I got the inspiration I was lacking (at around 1am on Thursday night) and have been prepping and cooking more. It's just super time consuming. But I'm sticking with it. I bring leftovers to work and to my cousin's house so I can share a meal with them and stay on task. I complained to a friend that going out to eat or on a date this month is hard, but then ended up cooking for them and it was great! (another omelette, this time with mushrooms and green peppers, with sausage from Cleaver and yummy bread made by Belle Garde that they were also selling at Cleaver). 

I love the basil pesto I made. I need to pick up more basil. It is an easy way to fancy up a meal. I also bought a whole chicken from Cleaver that should last me all week. I got some insane kale that I threw in the dehydrator. 

Well it's pouring rain right now, but they said the bike would go on still. I'm gonna wait until it lets up a little....of course I got a flat tire last night. My neighbor Nathan is amazing and helped me fix it. I really should go get my own kit, considering I've been strictly riding a bike for three years. He told me as thanks, I can bake him a gluten filled rum pie. I'll get right on that. 

Tomorrow I have Cleaver's hog butchering work shop!!!!!! I'm so excited. Also to put out there, if anyone knows of a place where one can go and participate in the chicken butchering process (from start to finish) please let me know!

Happy Sunday!


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